It's ok to not be ok...but be with Jesus.

It’s ok to not be ok. 

This is a popular statement that people in our society likes to say to one another. It’s a beautiful and liberating statement considering everyone feels the pressure to look like they have everything together and that they aren’t struggling. 

It IS ok to not be ok. It is NORMAL to not be ok. Heck, I would even go so far to say that if you’re always doing ok, something is wrong. Because as followers of Christ, we shouldn’t be ok all the time. We shouldn’t have everything under control. If we were able to have everything together, we wouldn’t need Jesus (Isaiah 41:13). That is where this post is headed…..

It’s ok to not be ok ...but don’t be alone while you’re not ok. Be with Jesus. Go in the presence of the Lord when you’re not ok.

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Instagram Boundaries

Have you ever struggled with comparison on Instagram? How about Instagram taking too much of your time? You find yourself scrolling endlessly then look at the clock and it’s been 3 hours and everything you said you needed to get done…. Has not gotten done because you have been scrolling through Instagram. Well,I’ve been there and would love to help you figure out how to not be overcome by Instagram!

Back in high school, I would be on Instagram constantly. I would look for specific people’s posts and stories just waiting for them to post what they were doing. I would look to see who was hanging out with who. I would look out for all the new selfies that people were taking. All the while, being sad that I was just at home on my phone.

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Grace Needs to be Received and Lived out, not Just Placed on an Instagram Bio

Grace. It’s easy to find a cute saying on grace and put it in your Instagram bio. But what happens when you fall back into sin?

What happens when you screw up again? What happens when you keep messing up, you are now in a deep hole of guilt, shame, and regret? How is that cutesy grace saying providing you the peace you need?

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Trusting and Waiting with God

I asked a question to my followers on Instagram the other day, “What season/theme does the Lord have you in right now?” You know what response I got most?

Overall, it was, “trusting” “patience” “having to have faith” and “resting in Him.”

I think all these things go hand in hand with one another. What does trusting God look like? What does it look like to live a life that is in complete dependency on the Lord?

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Your Calling is not Scary.

Our calling.

What a big topic, right? Kind of seems like a really big, overwhelming topic to think about, right?

I find that when I sit down and I ask people what they believe their calling is, what their dreams are, or anything along those lines that they get overwhelmed and a little anxious.

You know why I think that is?

I think we respond with fear or stress in those situations because we have put the pressure and the weight of the call on us. We have somehow made our calling about us.

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