We are Called to Flee from Temptation, Not Flirt with it. 

We are called to flee from temptation, not flirt with it. 

  • Keeping doors open like following your ex on Instagram isn’t helping you. 

  • Keeping doors open like texting a guy you know will only bring about bad conversation and bad decisions aren’t helping you. 

  • Keeping doors open like watching shows about sex isn’t helping your lust problem. 

We make these decisions consciously and subconsciously that truly affect our heart and our decisions. (Read Matthew 12:33-35)

What we decide to bring into our heart is what our actions will reflect. So no, the “mistake” you make isn’t actually a mistake. There are seeds that are planted and by choosing to keep the doors open, those seeds are being watered and will eventually bloom. For example:

A mistake is accidentally showing up to a meeting an hour late because you wrote the time wrong. 

But sleeping with your ex is not a mistake, it was a preconceived thought that you entertained and let go too far. 

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Being Single is Not a Punishment or Sickness.

“How do I deal with being single” 

First off, I hear the heart in this question. I do, but let me be frank with you. Stop treating and viewing being single as if it’s a sickness or punishment. The people asking this question have one of two viewpoints/ heart motives in this question. 

It’s either A or B: 

A. I actually really want a boyfriend to do life with, pursue Christ together, be challenged/ challenge someone, and be intentional with someone. 


B. I feel lonely and need someone to affirm me. I desire intimacy and I want a boyfriend so that I can be fulfilled.

See, both of these are desires that I have felt. If I am being honest, I think a majority of most women have experienced as well. But one of the best things I have heard on singleness is this: “Do you want a boyfriend or do you want a husband? Do you want the benefits of a boyfriend without the commitment of having to be sacrificial in your love?” Because the reality is, we don’t date to date. We date to marry.

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How to Stop.

How to stop. 

How to say no. 

How to stop feeling shame. 

How to say yes to Jesus when my flesh is screaming at me. 

Those are the most common questions I get when it comes to sexual sin. Whether that’s sex addiction, pornography addiction, masturbation addiction, or lustful thinking. These are all addictions that involve a physical aspect to them. Your body is DESIRING something and it’s making it clear. These desires are real and ARE from God, so the prayer should not be, “God, take these desires away!” It should be something along the lines of, “God, help me have self-control and stewardship over my own body!” So don’t think that because you have these desires and temptations it’s sinful. It’s sinful when you choose to say yes to your flesh instead of righteousness. 

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3 Questions that Lead to Transformation

Do you ever wonder why you are struggling with a certain lie about yourself? A certain insecurity? You know it’s not true, but you don’t know how to get over it? Let me help and guide you through a process that will help you figure out why you are stuck on that “one thing.”

There are 3 questions to ask here,

What are you most struggling with right now?

What area of following Jesus do you need to grow in/ improve?

What characteristic of God do you struggle believing?

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Your Sin is Your Choice.

“Temptation is too hard.”

“Everyone else is doing it.”

“It’s not like I am going all the way.”

“There’s freewill.”

“There’s grace.”

“This is my life and I’m going to do what I want.”

Friend who is struggling with sin. Whether it’s something you are hiding or blatantly doing in public: it is your choice.

Yes, the world is crooked and messed up. Yes, the world is full of sin. Yes, the world tells you to do what makes you happy. And guess what? It’s your choice to do what the world says or what God says.

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Subtle Compromise in Relationships

About a year ago, I realized that following guys on Instagram triggered many different emotions for me. Whether it was bringing up feelings of rejection, fear, comparison, or whatever it may be! I felt it was best for me to unfollow most guys on Instagram. I didn’t follow a lot of guys to begin with, so the guys I did follow (the ones I had chatted with previously before) I messaged them saying a little bit of what God was doing in my heart and why I needed to unfollow most guys on Instagram. I kept it short and explained it wasn’t anything they did, but a season God was taking me in that I needed no distractions or stumbling blocks.

Well, a majority of the guys took it well and encouraged me to keep diving in deeper with what God was doing in my heart and to keep being obedient to Him! But there were a few that didn’t take it too well. See, this happened months ago but this morning the Lord showed me why it isn’t okay that they responded the way they did. It shouldn’t be accepted and should be called out.

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