3 Questions that Lead to Transformation

Do you ever wonder why you are struggling with a certain lie about yourself? A certain insecurity? You know it’s not true, but you don’t know how to get over it? Let me help and guide you through a process that will help you figure out why you are stuck on that “one thing.”

There are 3 questions to ask here,

What are you most struggling with right now?

What area of following Jesus do you need to grow in/ improve?

What characteristic of God do you struggle believing?

I recently asked on my Instagram these three questions to my followers. I received answers back and quickly saw the correlation between all three answers.

For example, one gal responded with these answers:

What are you most struggling with right now?

“Not feeling good enough, doubt, uncertainty, feeling down.”

What area of following Jesus do you need to grow in/ improve?

“Reading the word, having faith/trust, knowing how much I am loved and chosen.”

What characteristic of God do you struggle believing?

“No matter what we say or do he chooses to never stop loving us tho we are sinners.”

See, the problem is not that you aren’t good enough, the problem is what you believe about God is not rooted in truth. If your view of God is wrong, you are literally not capable of believing truth for what it is. If you view God as a demanding dictator who is waiting for you to fail and then punish you, you will not be able to live through grace. You will live through striving. Which is not love.

So with this gal’s responses, here is the breakdown, working our way from the bottom upwards so we can see the correlation.

How does she view God and what does she believe about God?

She doesn’t believe that His love is unconditional. She believes that because we are sinners He would stop choosing us and loving us.

What area of following Him does she need to grow in?

Reading and training her brain and heart to believe truth rather than what her emotions and the enemy are telling her. Since she isn’t reading the word, how is she to know the truth of who God is? If she isn’t reading what truth is, she will try to create a truth to cling to. The reality of flesh says, “if you mess up too many times, you aren’t worth my time” “I am giving up on you because you are hard to love” but that isn’t the truth of Jesus. So if you aren’t guarding your thoughts with truth, you will give into being swayed into thinking fleshly thoughts or the deception of the enemy. Thus, the importance of reading and studying your bible.

Because of these things…….

She is struggling with...

Not feeling good enough. She doubts herself and doubts how loved she is. She gets into a striving mentality because she believes He will stop loving her based upon her actions and what she does. She is uncertain, therefore, not confident in herself. She feels down because of these things. She doesn’t know how to live through perfect, unconditional love because she doesn’t believe that about God.

It ALL comes back to what we believe about the Father. It ALL comes back to what we train our brains to believe.

Colossians 2:7, “Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.”

The roots that he is talking about is the truth of God and allowing it to be the foundation of your life. Notice how she said she needs to grow in faith and trust for the Father? This is how your faith and trust will become established, is being rooted in the knowledge of who God is.

Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

We like to use this verse but we don’t really let the words sink in. What this means is to not be conformed when you hear other words, opinions, ideologies, and lies from the world. When we are rooted in the word, we will not be shaken from what others say to us because we know the truth. We know who God is and because of that, we know who we are. The world is ALWAYS going to have opposing views to Jesus and the enemy is ALWAYS going to try to deceive you in what you know.

So whenever you spend time with the Lord next time, ask yourself these questions. Ask yourself “What am I most struggling with right now? What area of following Jesus do I need to grow in/ improve?And What characteristic of God am I struggling to believe?

Because they will connect. It all comes down to how you view God and what you know about God. Your view of God is usually skewed from childhood memories/ moments of rejection you have felt from others in your past. You take that rejection you have faced from others and you assume God is the same way as them. You associate the lack of love you have received and assume God is the same. But friends, this is where knowing and being rooted in truth is crucial to follow Christ. Because without it, we create false “truth” about God.