Your Calling is not Scary.

Our calling.

What a big topic, right? Kind of seems like a really big, overwhelming topic to think about, right?

I find that when I sit down and I ask people what they believe their calling is, what their dreams are, or anything along those lines that they get overwhelmed and a little anxious.

You know why I think that is?

I think we respond with fear or stress in those situations because we have put the pressure and the weight of the call on us. We have somehow made our calling about us. We have gotten our calling, our purpose, mistaken with the American dream.

What is the American dream? The  American dream in essence: to create a successful, abundant, and thriving life for yourself despite all odds. We like the underdog story. We like reading stories about the man who conquered all obstacles and became a millionaire after being homeless for his whole childhood. We want that for ourselves, but the reality is that we will always be the underdog. We will never gain the “top dog” title.

We are called to deny ourselves, daily. (Luke 9:23)

What does this mean and how does this relate to my anxiety I feel when I think about my calling?

We are actually not the one’s doing our calling, the spirit that God has given us is doing the actual work. Throughout each day, He is challenging, stretching, growing, and refining us. If you were to ask me 3 years ago if I would be blogging and having an Instagram ministry, I would laugh in your face. It was not through my own strength. I actually hated writing. It was through the process of being challenged, being stretched, growing from past mistakes/ mess ups, and through refinement that God does in us overtime.

And here I am. Doing my call. Still, not through my own ability. But because of God doing it through me. Each and every day.

So let’s shift our perspective from thinking our call is about what we can do and accomplish onto how God is going to do it through us. How He is going to show up in a continuous way doing a mighty work in us.

This means denying yourself, denying what you want to do and denying what you think you can accomplish and allowing God to do what He does best...guiding.

This also may not (most likely) will not be in your timing. But what a joy that it isn’t! Because that means Jesus knows when specific steps need to take place. He knows when processes/ times of healing needs to take place. He knows when you need to go in a season of rest, especially when all you want to do is “GO!”

He knows every single detail of your heart, detail’s of the heart’s of those around you, and when sin is going to happen in between the process. He knows when we are going to be disobedient and he knows how to redirect. He knows every detail, my friend.

So don’t think you are in charge of your calling. In all reality, your calling isn’t about you. It’s to further His kingdom. So let Him use you, how He wants to, for His kingdom, not yours. Don't get in the way of what God wants to do through you.

Tangible ways to let go of control:

  1. Take a step back from planning your future. Yes, dreaming and having visions for the future are SO important (Proverbs 29:18) but so is allowing the spirit to guide you. Wake up each morning, not expecting anything but to be expectant for God to show up in a new and unique way guiding you throughout the whole day.

  2. Pray hard. Pray hard for His truth to wash over your anxiety. Pray His love washes over your fear. Pray more to God about your concerns than talking to a friend about them. Pray harder than you have because you will gain more peace and confidence through your prayer time than your times of trying to figure out what only God knows.

  3. Replace the lies you believe about your future with truth of what God has spoken about your future. This means repeating truth over yourself. This is the process of transformation of your mind. (Romans 12:2) The more you fill your mind with truth about who God is, the less you’ll think about who you are without Him.

Friend, you are not alone in this. I know this feeling of being fearful and feeling overwhelmed. But I also know the joy and peace that comes with knowing that the hard work is ultimately God’s responsibility, I just have to react in obedience.

Invite Him into this process. Allow Him to be your tour guide.