Using a Platform in a Way that Honors God

Do you want to start sharing more about your faith on Instagram? Start a blog? Do a Youtube channel based around faith? Keep reading because I am going to take you through just a glimpse of my process with it.

Back in senior year of high school, I started to have a relationship with God and wanted to use my Instagram as a place where people can be encouraged. I would post about God, bible verses, and what I was struggling with. I found myself desiring sympathy from people when I would share personal things. I would crave the likes and comments of pity. Or when I would share something that I had been through, I would love hearing people compliment me on how strong I was.

What I learned from this: Do not post about a struggle or problem until you have fully worked it out with the Lord first. Do not post about a topic when you are secretly just wanting attention from it. This is really unhealthy and will lead you into posting things strictly for people’s feedback, not what the Lord has put on your heart.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I publically shared about my previous struggle with Pornography and Masturbation. I had SO much fear with sharing it and was to the point of shaking. I knew that God has asked me to do this so why was I having so much fear come through my body?  “This is my deepest sin.” “What are people going to say?” “What are my parents going to think?” God kindly said to me in that moment, “Rachael, are you going to let your fear of man hold you back from other’s receiving freedom over this dark sin? If my word says, “For now, there is no shame or condemnation in Christ Jesus” than why are you still hiding behind shame?”  Wow.

So I posted it. The amount of women (and some men) who responded with so much gratitude for sharing it was CRAZY. People who have never told anyone, were now confessing to me and committing to telling their loved ones. Young girls were realizing that they are NOT alone in this struggle. Other girls were sharing the post and sending it to their friends, bringing LIGHT to this topic. Because I did not allow fear to hold back what God wanted to do. Because of Jesus’ grace and redemption.

What I learned from this: If you are fearful of sharing something, ask God why you have fear. Is it fear of what people will say if they know you struggled with a specific sin? If that’s the case, figure out why you still have shame. Because God’s word says that we NOW, do not have shame or condemnation because of Jesus Christ. So if we don’t have to feel shameful, we shouldn’t be embarrassed over what we used to struggle with, or what we still struggle with. Or in another case, if you don’t have peace about sharing something, don’t share it. Meaning, use discernment and ask God what type of uneasiness you are having. Sometimes the Lord doesn’t want certain things shared at certain times. Listen to that. Use discernment. He knows best!

Also know that if you are allowing fear and shame to hold you back, you are literally interfering with God’s plans to use you for someone else’s freedom. You are robbing God the chance to get glory and to show His power in one’s life.

If you want to start using social media for a platform to share Jesus, ask yourself and ask God what your purpose is. Is your purpose to encourage others or to be encouraged by the affirmation you will receive by it? Is it to edify your brothers and sisters or is it for fame? Be really honest with yourself and figure out your “why.”