Joining Jesus on His Mission

Joining Jesus on His Mission , How to Be an Everyday Missionary by: Greg Finke

In all honesty, I did not finish this book. I actually stopped about half way through. This book was really practical and tangible. A lot of this stuff was pretty surface level and basic thoughts that I had already been taught previously. There were a lot of good reminders and a few new things I did learn also!

What the author is wanting to teach his readers is how to successfully join Jesus in His on mission for His children here on earth.  

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The Best Yes

First off, I would like to just say that Lysa has changed my life in so many ways! I read her book, “Uninvited” a few years back and it genuinely changed my life. I went through it for about 5 months and I always joke that it’s apart of my testimony. I have always known that I wanted to write books one day, but never thought I was talented enough or a good enough writer. Her style of writing showed me how I want to write and the audience of readers I want reading my books one day! In a way, through her writing it gave me permission to walk in my calling. So Lysa, if you ever see this, you are my biggest inspiration and I love you.

Alright, now that I am done with my Lysa rant, let’s chat about her book, The Best Yes! “Making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands” is what’s written on the title of the book. She goes through the whole process of making a decision, everything that goes into it, and the fear that stops us from making decisions, as well. Now, I’m not going to do a summary on what she talks about but instead, what I learned from it and how I am going to apply her teachings to things in my life. I will provide a few quotes and main lessons from chapters that stood out and believe you could benefit from, as well!

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