What a special place where I love so dearly. How I love the gross smell of the city. How I love the bartering whenever I have to pay for something. How I love the endless amount of sweat. How I love the horribly misspelled English words and sayings. How I love the hardships that I face while I am there. How I love the constant honking because there is absolutely no rules on the road. How I love all the cracks in the street. How I love how people stare at us white people, constantly. How I love how all my entitlements come out. How I love the 40 hour travel time it takes to get there. 

It’s all worth it. Love is worth it. Jesus is worth it. 

See, I haven’t talked about my experience in Nepal much since I have been back. Mostly because it’s painful to even think about, so I just haven’t. I feel like I have been grieving the loss of so many friendships I made. I feel like I have abandoned a country that needs Jesus so desperately. I feel like America is grossly disgusting compared to Nepal. I am sad because I’m not there anymore. 

But the Lord has brought me back to America and I need to process what He did in Nepal. So continuing on with this post, know from the bottom of my heart, how much Nepal means to my heart. 

So we started our journey in the San Francisco airport, 37 hours later, we’re in Nepal. We get there and I am instantly filled with awe that the Lord brought us halfway across the world simply to do life with His children serving there. We get to our guesthouse that we will be staying in for the next two months and it’s way better than I could have imagined. Insert Jerry from Parks and Rec, “Oh man. Am I blessed.” 

We take the next day to pray and just seek the Lord. Because before coming to Nepal, the Lord has only said 4 things about the trip. It was truly, a faith journey. I had NO expectation or plan for what was going to happen during out time there. In my next blog post about Nepal, I will share the 4 things He told me and how all 4 of those things came to fruition and were significant parts of the journey. 

We start hanging out with people who soon became our best friends. We would hang out daily, get lunch, dinner, play games, watch vines, and laugh at stupid meme’s together. This is what everyday was like. No joke, that’s what we did. We got to hang out with our friends for two months. We spent time seeking the Lord’s heart and spent time interceding in prayer. I would occasionally talk to people on the phone and people would be confused as to why I was there. People would DM me and ask why I am always drinking coffee and hanging out with people if I am on a mission trip. People would also ask if I am actually doing anything or just vacationing. The answer to that is something the Lord is redefining. 

See, we have put missions in such a small box. Therefore, we put God in a box because we have put what He can do in a box and what other people “should” do in a box. News Flash: God doesn’t work according to what we think is wise or makes sense. God works in WILD ways that we may not understand until we get to heaven. But it’s not our job to understand everything of the Lord, our job is to be obedient to Him and His call over our life. 

The Lord gave me a picture before I left for Nepal. It was this little corn maze (that represented our life) and I saw Him pick Addi and I up with two of His fingers. He picked us up (we were home) and simply placed us in Nepal. That image stuck with me because He can take us anywhere. He can do whatever with us. He can pick us up and move us when we start getting the hang of the whole corn maze called life. He doesn’t want us to be complacent, comfortable, or content with our life. He wants us to live a life of FAITH and OBEDIENCE to Him. He wants to use us in ways we wouldn’t be able to unless He provides the way for it to happen. 

But will you let Him? 

Will you let Him pick you up from where you have brought yourself and move you somewhere else? Will your heart choose faith over the plan you have made for yourself? 

I sure as heck chose Him. I chose Him because He is worthy of my yes. I chose Him because He is trustworthy for me to follow. I chose Him because His ways are so much better than mine. Even if I don’t know what the benefit or the outcome will be when I am making my decision to say yes or not. 

We went there to do life with other brothers and sisters in Christ. We went with nothing except ourselves. At first, this intimidated me because I don’t have much to offer people. But I have everything to offer them because I have the Spirit of God living in me. And that is more than enough. 

As I am processing this whole trip, I have walked away with more confidence in the fact that: When Jesus says He is going to do something- HE WILL. 

When Jesus says something about Himself- HE ISN’T LYING. 

When Jesus says go- GO AND DON’T DOUBT HIM.

I am thankful for many things, but one major thing I am thankful for: He gave me an opportunity to grow in deeper trust for Him. If we constantly say no to His nudges and calls, how do we expect to trust Him more? 

Trust is earned. He will never not show up. He is trustworthy. So So So trustworthy. All He needs is our yes. Even if it’s a nervous yes. All He needs is a mustard seed size of a yes. And He will grow big fruit from it.