Say YES to a faith Journey!

When God calls you somewhere - Say Yes. Don't allow the enemy to tell you all the reasons it doesn't make sense- because God doesn't make sense. We will never be able to understand or fathom the love He has for us and the extent He goes for all of us. Just listen and go.

This past week I went to Southern California with my best friend because the Lord told us to go. It didn't make any sense considering both of us had no money. The week leading up to the trip, we both had peace about going but we were both experiencing so much spiritual warfare and doubt. "It doesn't make sense to go." "You are being irresponsible." "Go when you have money." "You won't have any money when you get back."

But we took that spiritual warfare as encouragement because if the enemy is trying so hard to get us not to go - that means something big is going to happen.

Two days before we leave, The Lord tells Natalie to empty out her bank account. He tells her that she needed to give it to someone who needed it. She then had nothing but still chose to believe God is going to provide.

We leave my house at 6:43am and we head out on the road. We talk about what we think the Lord is going to do while we're on this faith journey. We talk about what God is doing in our hearts and where He has us. We jam out to music and have lots of snackies.

We get to Oceanside, CA and get to visit my Grandpa. He ends up gifting me with this amazing new camera and gets our In-N-Out for us - PRAISE JESUS! We get to then hang out by the beach while watching the sunset and then hit the hot tub. We pray into where to go the next day. He told us exactly what we needed to hear.

Fast forward to the next day: San Clemente, CA. We go to my favorite coffee shop and instantly are hit with so much uneasiness and anxiousness. We feel the spiritual heaviness in the shop and feel the need to pray over the place. We pray in the shop then leave and pray by the ocean. We leave to drive to Orange County.

Anyways you get the point - we pray where the Lord wants us to go - we go and experience Him in that specific place each day. What I want to share though, is about the revelations I had.

1. When the Lord calls you somewhere - He will provide ALL of the means - even if you don't currently have it all in your bank account.

Each day I would spend money wisely and would get what I needed. By the end of the day, I would randomly get Venmo-ed almost the exact amount I spent that day or even a little bit more more. The Lord would always replenish my bank account.

I left the trip with a certain amount of money and I came back home with more money... That can't be anything other than God, people!

2. When the Lord gives you money - don't try to make a safety net with it - use it wisely.

A few days into my trip I found myself trying to budget the rest of my days so that I would have some money for when I got home but the Lord was so clear to me in saying, "No stop trying to do that, I will provide each day for you." This is exactly the Exodus 16 story. When Moses was leading the Israelites out of slavery through the wilderness. God was saying to Moses, "Tell them to get exactly what they need for the day." Some would get more than they needed and after they ran out and they would still be hungry. But the ones who grabbed less, they were fully fulfilled. Go read the entire story because it shows God's faithfulness to His people.

If we constantly try to have that safety net of money a few things will happen:

  • It won't allow us to grow in a deeper trust with the Lord because we aren't allowing Him to show us His faithfulness.

  • We are trying to be self sufficient when we are designed to be reliant on the Lord. God didn't die on the cross for you to live this life depending on your own abilities and strength.

  • We are missing the abundance of blessings that the Lord wants to give us each and everyday because we're holding onto the small amount we have been saving (which probably allow us to do much compared to what the Lord wants to do).

3. Know that God wants to provide for you.

If Christ died on the cross for you, don't you think He wants to provide for you each day?  A lot of times we are blindsided to the fact that God is in your finances and that He wants you to be living in abundance. He doesn't want you to have a poverty mindset but instead having faith in the fact that He is the God of abundance. He is the God that will not only will give you what you want but MORE!

You may think that this is silly or unrealistic because you don't see a million dollars in your account or blessings upon blessings in your life. Not saying it is, but maybe that is because you try to control your own life instead of being led by Him.

Maybe He doesn't bless you because He knows that if He does bless you, then you will take it for granted or abuse the blessing instead of being grateful.

Maybe He doesn't have you making a lot of money right now; He wants you to learn how to steward the money you currently have, so that when you do have more money you will know how to utilize it in a way that honors Him instead of yourself.

God stretched me so much during this past week and it was so hard - but there was so much comfort throughout the process because He never let me down. So in the end, I know that He will never let me down. I mean think about it - has He let you down yet?

I want to encourage you all with this:

If God asks you to give to someone's mission trip or faith journey - give money to them. He calls us to give generously. By being selfish and withholding with our money, we are saying that God won't give us that money back. But lets be real - He will and He will multiply it because you were faithful.

Take some risks and chances because He will take that risk and bless your socks off!