Coffee Dates with God

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I go to coffee shops a lot. Yep that would be right! Whenever I have a few free hours I enjoy going to different coffee shops and plopping myself down with my bible & whatever book I am reading at the time. I find that I am most restful when I am at a coffee shop with my bible. This is not to look "hip" or to "fit in" but merely to have a coffee date with the Lord.

When I sit down with my Iced Vanilla latte or Iced Americano (depending on if I have $5 or $2) I ask what my intentions are for this time. What do I want to accomplish? What do I need to talk to God about? Is there anything I need to process?

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Say YES to a faith Journey!

When God calls you somewhere - Say Yes. Don't allow the enemy to tell you all the reasons it doesn't make sense- because God doesn't make sense. We will never be able to understand or fathom the love He has for us and the extent He goes for all of us. Just listen and go.

This past week I went to Southern California with my best friend because the Lord told us to go. It didn't make any sense considering both of us had no money. The week leading up to the trip, we both had peace about going but we were both experiencing so much spiritual warfare and doubt. "It doesn't make sense to go." "You are being irresponsible." "Go when you have money." "You won't have any money when you get back."

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Humility in the Himalayas

Well, I've been on my mission trip in the Himalayas, and I've got one word for you: Humility.


I love my team. We trek together, work out together, and pray together...simple right? Wrong. You have to factor in Jesus taking 20 different people through heart surgery. Insecurities, doubts, fears, and lies that have consumed all of our lives for so long. So we’re all constantly learning & healing, and it isn’t a fun process all the time.

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